PITTSBURGH — Allegheny County authorities say they’ve apprehended a man who jumped from a window onto a rooftop below wearing only a bath towel to escape sheriff’s deputies serving a warrant.

Deputies arrested 31-year-old Dale Taylor Jr., and his girlfriend, 37-year-old Serena Alston, in Butler County Saturday. Authorities say Taylor fled into a backyard Friday night when deputies sought him at a Pittsburgh home.

While searching the house Saturday, 29-year-old Deputy Carlos Jativa suffered serious injuries when he fell from a 15-foot concrete wall. He’s in stable condition at a hospital after undergoing surgery.

Taylor and Alston, both of Wilkinsburg, were taken to county jail. Taylor is being held without bond on the warrant for forfeiting bond in connection with a court case and a Wilkinsburg arrest warrant. They also face charges for the escape. It wasn’t known if they’re represented by lawyers.

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