Police: Woman made up assault charges against cop in sex ad

The Associated Press

CRANBERRY, Pa. — Police say a Pennsylvania woman falsely claimed that a police officer sexually assaulted her because she was angry he didn’t return 102 text messages after a hotel tryst.

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Mike Foley resigned from the North Braddock police July 18 after someone posted an online sex ad picturing him and asking women if they fantasized about being with a cop.

Foley has denied placing the ad and the woman charged Monday with falsely accusing him of sexual assault has not been linked to it either.

But Cranberry Township police say 36-year-old Michelle Milliron threatened Foley after he didn’t respond following their sexual encounter on April 12.

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Online court records don’t list an attorney for Milliron who faces a preliminary hearing Sept. 29. She’s charged with making the false reports a day after Foley resigned.

Foley was never criminally charged.