Alarm clock dropped inside wall goes off daily for 13 years

The Associated Press

ROSS, Pa. — A Pennsylvania homeowner is reminded once a day that he wasn’t as clever as he hoped.


Jerry Lynn tells KDKA-TV that an alarm clock he lost inside the wall of his home rings at 7:50 p.m. each day — during Daylight Savings Time — and at 6:50 p.m. otherwise.

Lynn says he tied the clock to a string in September 2004 and lowered it into the wall through a vent in his Ross Township home. Lynn set the alarm hoping noise would help him drill a hole in the right spot through which to pass a TV cable. But the battery-operated clock fell off the string and has stayed inside the wall ever since.

Lynn has been unable to retrieve the clock and figured the battery would eventually die.

So far, it hasn’t.