22 arrests at marijuana event at Philly warehouse

The Associated Press, AP

PHILADELPHIA — Authorities say almost two dozen people were arrested after police raided a large marijuana event at a northeast Philadelphia warehouse.


The “Philly Smoke Session” in the Frankford section Saturday night was organized on social media. Police on Sunday said they were investigating “large-scale marijuana sales.”

A police spokesman said 19 males and three females were arrested. About 175 people weren’t charged. About 50 pounds of marijuana, $50,000 and four handguns were confiscated.

Police said it was a fire and safety hazard due to the size of the crowd, the use of butane torches and the fact that there was only one way in or out.

The city in 2014 made possession of small amounts of the drug punishable only by a citation and a fine, but marijuana sales weren’t decriminalized.