Retiring Pennsylvania Turnpike worker sends ‘exit’ to all

The Associated Press

HARRISBURG — A retired Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission worker says executive-level managers are “out of touch” and that “jobs/promotions are filled by the politicians” — including positions created for unqualified workers.

Oh, yeah, Michael Stuban — the middle manager who filled out the scathing exit interview before he retired on Thanksgiving — hit “reply all,” sending the emailed document to all of his more than 2,000 former co-workers.

Stuban says he gave the turnpike commission the honest answers he claims they wanted about his 35-year career. Stuban is 58 and says on the exit interview that he would have worked a few more years except that his last five years were “terrible” with “no morale” among workers.

Commission Chairman Sean Logan says he never met Stuban and after reading his questionnaire is “grateful” that’s the case.