GREENSBURG, Pa. — A Pennsylvania man who showed up drunk when he was supposed to plead guilty to a five-year-old drunken driving case has been jailed.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says 32-year-old Jesse Ezykowsky’s plight was spelled out during a status hearing Monday in Westmoreland County.

The Scottdale man was given a probation without verdict sentence for the 2011 DUI, but violated that probation in 2012.

The case had languished while authorities worked out a deal in which he was supposed to plead guilty Friday and receive little or no jail time and probation.

Instead, Ezykowsky showed up drunk and a test showed his blood-alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit for drivers.

Ezykowsky says he’s been sober for years and told the judge, “I don’t know why I lost it.”

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