Man jailed on charges he grabbed boy after ‘ding dong ditch’

The Associated Press

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh man has been jailed on charges he grabbed an 11-year-old boy and wouldn’t let the youth leave after the boy rang his doorbell then ran away.

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Pittsburgh police say the incident happened Thursday after the boy and a 9-year-old friend played “ding dong ditch.” The boys went back to the man’s home to apologize, and police say that’s when Sebastien Azouma grabbed the older boy by the neck and wouldn’t let him leave.

When the boy’s mother came looking for him, Azouma told her he wanted to speak with her about the boy.

The woman called 911 and police say Azouma told them he grabbed the boy by the collar of his coat, not his neck.

Azouma was arraigned early Monday on charges of simple assault and false imprisonment.

Court records don’t list a defense attorney.