Estranged mom fined $300 for tagging daughter’s Facebook pic

The Associated Press

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — The estranged Pennsylvania mother of a 20-year-old university student has been fined $300 for tagging a picture of the girl on Facebook.


The (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise reports 46-year-old Dawn Simyan was fined Monday after a district judge found her guilty of harassing her daughter, Kaitlyn.

The 20-year-old Bloomsburg University sophomore, has a protection-from-abuse order against her estranged mother and testified that she doesn’t want to be contacted by her.

Dawn Simyan told the judge she didn’t know what a Facebook tag was and that she merely showed her daughter’s picture to some relatives. She says someone may have tagged the photo accidentally.

But Bloomsburg University police say tagging a photo requires several distinct steps and can’t be done accidentally.

The judge ruled the tagging amounted to communication, which is forbidden by the abuse order.