Estates for the week of Nov. 9, 2015

York Dispatch

Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills, reports the following estates opened in York County:

Patricia M. Carter aka Patricia Marie Carter, late of Springfield Township, to Louis R. Carter Jr.

Jeffrey W. Krout, late of Glen Rock, to Kevin C. Krout.

Jean Bensel, late of Franklin Township, to Karen Lee McCormick.

Proctor F. Snyder, late of Hellam Township, to Lynn M. Snyder.

Jack R. Bayer aka Jack Richard Bayer, late of Franklin Township, to Barbra Bayer Boutin.

Marian M. Anderson, late of Red Lion, to Donna E. Holland and Kathy D. Shaffer.

Hazel M. Fortney, late of Monaghan Township, to Leil E. Fortney, Joyce J. Chronister and Carol Ann Cook.

William D. Angelo, late of Spring Grove, to Rita A. Hand and Carole M. Irwin.

Gregory D. Potts, late of Penn Township, to Raymond A. Potts.

Richard J. Groft, late of Hanover, to Jeffrey L. Groft.

Margaret Bricker aka Margaret L. Bricker, late of Springfield Township, to Nancy Stremmel, Diane Comtois and Linda Ludwig.

Ethel A. Feeser, late of York City, to Rodney C. Feeser and Brenda L. Gotwalt.

Clifton Helmar Bender aka Clifton H. Bender, late of Spring Garden Township, to Nancy Susan Heard

Martin D. Hartz, late of Wrightsville, to Paul F. Hartz Jr.

Wilford K. Smith, late of Seven Valleys, to Karen D. Allen and Robert K. Smith.

Rethia L. Bunting, late of Penn Township, to Leslie Carl Lester.

Patricia A. Weitkamp, late of Springettsbury Township, to Deborah A. Zirkle.

Dorothy E. Fairhurst, late of Lower Windsor Township, to Virginia A. Wallace.

Joseph E. Stackhouse, late of Springettsbury Township, to Diane Stackhouse and Craig Stackhouse.

William R. Gall, late of Heidelberg Township, to Russ J. Gall.

Kathryn M. Singer, late of York Township, to Richard M. Buchholtz.

Jane G. Behr aka Jane Francis Glavin Behr, late of Dover Township, to Kevin Michael Behr.

Ferne Henry Wolfe Jr., late of Springettsbury Township, to Deborah R. Gibbs.

Elizabeth I. Moody aka Elizabeth Ida Moody, late of Dover Township, to Samuel B. Moody.

E. Viola King aka Elsie Viola King, late of Penn Township, to Blair S. King and Gail S. Garvey.

Erika Bergmann aka Erika Ilse Bergmann, late of York Township, to Jutta E. Creager and Klaus W. Bergmann.

Administration on the estate of:

Philip J. Badalato, late of Peach Bottom Township, to Leah Marie King.

J. Rutter Gross aka Jay Rutter Gross aka Jay R. Gross, late of Dover Township, to MacGregor J. Brillhart.

Shanita Kaye Little aka Shanita Little aka Shanita K. Little, late of New Salem, to Eric J. Hewitt and Shawn P. Little.

Barry A. Bosies, late of Hellam Township, to Regina K. Bosies.

Roy E. Nash Sr. aka Roy Nash Sr. aka Roy Ellis Nash Sr., late of Newberry Township, to Roy Ellis Nash Jr.