It’s not too often that we come across a song about yard sales, but there we were in the gym and Neon Hitch’s song popped up on the video screen.

This song isn’t entirely about yard sales — more about getting rid of stuff you don’t want and letting go of the past — but there’s still enough in it to warrant our attention.

If you’ve never heard of Neon Hitch, she’s a British songwriter and performer who signed with Warner Bros and is just starting to get mainstream attention.

Just like that Sammy Kershaw video, we have a few mostly positive critiques of Neon’s yard sale effort:

  • We like her effort to bring in shoppers. A bull horn! Great idea.
  • At 1:05, we notice she still has items in boxes. No one wants to look through peoples packed-full boxes.
  • We have to give her even more points for her sign spinner. If you know a sign spinner, you want that person in front of your yard sale.
  • But putting all your stuff on the ground? Bad form. The old folks won’t want to bend over, and the kids will trample your merchandise.
  • She also makes sure her customers know her return policy. That’s something everyone needs to do.
  • Why is she having a yard sale? She has a clear purpose for it. That’s always smart, since you won’t be disappointed in the end.
  • She also knows to put her large items out where people can see them. Heck, even free items make for good curb appeal.
  • And with a great rummage sale effort behind her, she ends it with a big no-no. We know you wouldn’t do that though.
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