BLOG Bullying and back to school

Alyssa Pressler

Last school year ended in heartbreak for a lot of York City community members, particularly Billy Seichrist and his family. At the end of May, 15-year-old Shania Sechrist took her life. In her suicide note she said that she loved her family but couldn't bear the pain of being bullied anymore.

John A. Pavoncello photo

Unfortunately, bullying isn't uncommon among kids. According to Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center, one out of four students has reported being bullied during the school year, typically for their looks, body shape and race. In the age of technology cyberbullying is particularly high, with 14.8 percent of high school students reporting that they have been bullied online.

Father: Bullying cut daughter's life short

Bullying is tough for any student that deals with it and for any parent that watches their child deal with it. The U.S. Department of Education recently tweeted an image with signs of bullying, including unexplainable injuries, declining grades and a sudden avoidance of social situations. also provides tips for what children should do if they are bullied. Students should ask the bully to stop in a calm voice or just walk away. The organization also encourages students to talk to adults that they trust and stay near adults or other kids when they believe bullying might happen.

When it comes to cyberbullying, suggests that students think carefully about what they post online and keep their password from other kids. Students are also encouraged to keep their parents aware of their online activity. suggests that students should stand up for others when they see bullying as well, and Pacer's National Bullying Prevention states that students find peer actions more helpful than educator or self-actions when it comes to bullying.

Parents are encouraged to educate themselves on what bullying is and have open discussions with their children about bullying. also suggests that parents work with their school district if they suspect bullying.