They held a political convention and the governor of the host state actually came. And spoke.

That was Tom Wolf on the stage Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and he was taking shots at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Wolf's presence in the convention hall is a reminder that Republicans couldn't feature a home-state governor at their convention in Cleveland last week.

That's because Ohio Republican John Kasich is a former Trump primary rival and sharp critic. Kasich steered clear of the GOP convention.

Wolf says, unlike Trump, Hillary Clinton will "reward companies that share profits with their employees."

"I ran for governor on the fundamental belief that society can only succeed when we build prosperity and share it broadly. But this wasn't a lesson I learned in politics," Wolf said. "It was a lesson I learned in business."

Wolf highlighted his education and his time in the Peace Corps before coming home to work in his family's business. Wolf contrasted his business practices as opposed to Trump's:

"In his six bankruptcy filings, Trump used the process to enrich himself while employees were left out of luck," Wolf told the DNC crowd.

"Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton does have a plan that will make our economy stronger together, Wolf said. "Her plan is fair, it's smart, and it's great for our economy — because it's good for workers and it's good for business."

— Associated Press

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