PennDOT seeks input on driver behavior

Anthony Maenza
York Dispatch

What kind of habits do you have when you’re behind the wheel of whatever you drive? 

PennDOT wants to know. 

The agency is looking for public input on traffic safety and driving behaviors with an online survey that will be active on PennDOT's website through Feb. 28 at www.PennDOT.pa.gov/Safety. All responses will remain anonymous. 

PennDOT logo

Over 1,200 people died on Pennsylvania roadways in 2021, many of which could have been prevented, according to PennDOT. The survey is a way to better understand the public’s attitude toward highway safety and for PennDOT to find out how to adjust efforts to reduce crashes and fatalities. 

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PennDOT wants to use the results to plan programming that could help prevent crashes, fatalities and injuries. The survey covers topics like seat belt use, impaired driving, speeding and distracted driving along with pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle safety.  

The survey was first implemented in 2010 as a requirement to get federal funding, according to PennDOT. Though it is no longer required to get funding, it does help PennDOT better understand participants’ attitudes on highway safety and potentially allows for adjustments to safety activities to reduce crashes and fatalities.