Police ask for help finding missing 19-year-old man from eastern York County

Anthony Maenza
York Dispatch

Lower Windsor Township Police are enlisting the help of the public to help find a 19-year-old man who has been missing since December. 

Kadin Black has been missing from his Wrightsville home since Dec. 17, and police are worried for his safety. 

“We are very concerned for his welfare and well-being,” Lower Windsor Police Chief James Thomas said. “He’s not in any trouble with the police, in fact we’ve always had a very nice relationship with Kadin. We would like to find him and put the family’s mind at ease.” 

Black’s mother, Kara Patterson, made a plea to help bring her son home. 

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Kadin Black

“I would like someone to come forward and let me know something,” Patterson said through tears. “I know somebody knows where my son is or what happened to my son. Somebody has to know something.” 

Thomas said there are a number of sources they have or are checking to locate Black, but the effort to locate him has come to a standstill. 

Officers from Lower Windsor Township started investigating Black's disappearance Dec. 20. He was staying at a residence on Vickilee Drive for several months and is from the Lower Windsor Township/East Prospect area.

“He left unexpectedly without any notice, and at this time, there was no indications of foul play,” Thomas said. “We are now considering him missing and we are doing this as an inquiry for his well-being.” 

Black is 5-foot-10 and weighs 160 pounds, with brown hair and eyes. 

A search of the general area was done Monday by the Southcentral Search and Rescue Team and East Prospect Fire Company on foot and using a drone, but nothing was found, Thomas said. 

At the time of disappearance, the only things Black took with him were his shoes, cellphone and wallet, Thomas said. 

Black also deleted several social media platforms at that time. 

“We are unsure if that had anything to do with him missing,” Thomas said. 

Lower Windsor police placed Black’s information on the National Crime Information Center site, which is a computerized index of criminal justice information gathered from and accessible to departments all over the country.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Pennsylvania State Police have also posted the poster with Black’s information on it. 

Black’s cellphone was pinged to help find a location Dec. 20 and showed it was 2.4 miles away from the cell tower on Old Commons Road, which is in Windsor Township. Officers searched the area around the cell tower on Dec. 22 and also any ATV areas in and around the township. Black was an active ATV rider, Thomas said.

Police also checked a home on East Prospect Road where Black’s family once lived, but nothing was found. 

Police have followed up on a number of other leads and possible sightings, but none has proven to be fruitful. 

Patterson would be open to a large-scale civilian search, Thomas said. 

“I would like to make it clear that we would love to have the community’s help, but a large search of this area would be monumental and a large undertaking and should be done by trained people with the permission of the property owners for both the searchers' safety and homeowner’s safety,” Thomas said. “And protect the scene for any potential evidence.” 

Police obtained a search warrant of Black’s bank records to track any activity that has taken place since he went missing. James said they are following up on several of the transactions. 

A search warrant of Black’s cellphone records was also obtained, Thomas said, which includes calls, text messages and cell tower positions, but all of that information has not been received as of yet. 

“We hope to get that information, very, very soon,” Thomas said. 

Family and friends of Kadin's family at the press conference update about Kadin Black, a missing person, at Lower Windsor Township Police Department in Wrightsville on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2023

Black has no known medical issues that may have incapacitated him, Thomas said, and area medical facilities have been checked to see if he may be at one of them. 

“We’ve been going to the businesses and stuff like that to check any video footage and anything that would lead us to more information,” Thomas said 

On Dec. 21, Detective Scott James of the York County District Attorney’s Office confirmed with several social media and media outlets that police were looking for Black because of concern for his welfare. 

“Officers from this department spoke to several friends and did a patrol of the East Prospect/Lower Windsor area,” Thomas said.  

None of the people officers talked knew anything about Black’s whereabouts or where he may have gone, Thomas said. 

A foot patrol of wooded areas around East Prospect was also done.  

Since Dec. 21, Thomas said the Lower Windsor Department has worked with James and District Attorney Dave Sunday to aid in locating Black as well as York County Emergency Management.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Black is asked to call 911 or the Lower Windsor Police Department at 717-244-8055.