York County athlete inducted into BMX Hall of Fame

Tina Locurto
York Dispatch

The BMX Hall of Fame inducted a York County biker who made a name for himself after his innovative tricks captured the world of bicycle motocross.

Kevin Jones was inducted into the Oklahoma-based hall of fame — an honor shared with five other BMX biker legends.

"Jones was a quiet, humble rider who practiced his butt off late into the night to perfect his ground-breaking flatland repertoire," according to the group, "creating unthinkable maneuvers that would blow the minds of all riders."

He would go on to star in a series of VHS documentary films called "Dorkin' in York," showcasing Jones and other bikers doing various tricks and stunts.

In addition to standing out with BMX tricks, Jones is credited with the invention of several new stunts, according to the news release.

This includes the Infinity Roll, a trick in which the biker goes up on the back wheel and spins in a tight 360-circle several times.

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Another trick Jones is credited with is the Hitch Hiker: a move in which the biker spins the bike onto its front wheel, entirely balancing on the front wheel while keeping the bike parallel to the person.

Kevin Jones was inducted into the hall of fame in October — an honor shared with five other BMX biker legends. Photo credit by USA BMX.

Andy Patterson, Roger Plaskett, Randy Stumpfhauser, T.J. Lavin, Tara Llanes and Steve Van Doren were also inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame, in addition to Jones.

In previous years, the BMX Hall of Fame was located in Chula Vista, California.

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For the first time ever, however, the Hall of Fame will welcome six new inductees at its new location in Oklahoma.