Did you get a jury summons? Take a closer look at the letter

Staff report

If you recently received a jury summons from York County, take a closer look before you head to the Judicial Center.

People around the county are posting on social media, saying they have received jury summons dated as long as 10 years ago. 

York County posted an explanation on its website.

Jury summons dating back to 2012 were reprinted and mailed after an error in the process, the county's post says.

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Anyone who received a summons that is dated before March 2, 2022, can ignore it, the post says.

Also, don't call the Jury Assembly Room with questions about this, as county officials say that office has too many voicemail messages to answer.

York County Judicial Center

York County operates on a one-week, multitrial system for jurors. Anyone who receives a summons with a current date should plan on spending a week at the Judicial Center, 45 N. George St., where a pool of jurors is assembled for criminal and civil cases. 

Jurors from the pool are picked at random to go through jury selection for trials, and those who are not chosen for a trial are put back into the pool. Jurors whose trials end in the first few days of the week could return to the pool, depending on the needs of the court.

Anyone who receives a jury duty summons with a current date is liable for prosecution if they ignore it, according to the York County website.