York County Prison COVID-19 cases continue to drop

Matt Enright
York Dispatch

York County Prison's COVID-19 outbreak continues to drop.

That's according to Warden Adam Ogle, who said 33 inmates had tested positive as of Monday morning.

"If all goes well, we will be in the teens by the end of the week," Ogle said via email.

With 964 inmates at the prison, 33 represents just 3% of the population.

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The prison first went into lockdown the week before Thanksgiving. At one time, more than one in seven inmates had COVID-19. 

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As cases drop, new policies are being put into place at the prison, Ogle said.

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That includes allowing all inmates in "clean" units that have no COVID-19 cases to resume in-person visits and normal travel. Inmates in these units must test negative for COVID-19 twice or be fully recovered from a past infection.

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For inmates who have tested positive, travel is allowed only in emergency situations. That includes necessary medical visits, court-related matters that cannot be postponed or done at the prison, and releases.

The lockdown is being examined weekly as long as there are cases in the prison.

To find out if an inmate is in a clean unit and thereby eligible to visit, call 717-840-7580 and ask to speak to the records department.

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