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York County rolls out several polling place changes for November election

Matt Enright
York Dispatch

York County will change some polling places ahead of the general election in November.

The changes were announced during the York County Board of Elections meeting on Wednesday.

In Hanover Borough Fifth Ward, the polling location has moved permanently, effective immediately, from the York Street Medical Center to St. Paul's Lutheran Church at 127 York Street.

York County President Commissioner Julie Wheeler said the move was made because UPMC could no longer host elections at its facility.

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In Newberry Township Third District, the polling location has been moved permanently, effective immediately, to the Yocumtown Church of God at 160 Red Mill Road from the Newberry Township building at 1915 Old Trail Road. 

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Other planned charges are being delayed until 2022. That includes the York City Fifth Ward, which will see the polling location moved from the YMCA, 90 N. Newberry St. to the Appell Center for the Performing Arts, 50 N. George St.

York City Mayor Michael Helfrich, center.

Mayor Michael Helfrich said he was in favor of the move, offering to provide parking at the Philadelphia Street garage.

"Voters would get vouchers so that they would be provided free parking in the city parking facility when they are voting," he said at the meeting.

Other polling changes that will be delayed until 2022 include:

  • York City Seventh Ward from Alexander Goode Elementary School, 251 North Broad St. to PeoplesBank Park, 5 Brooks Robinson Way.
  • York City 12th Ward First Precinct from the United Way at 800 E. King St. to Alexander Goode Elementary School, 251 N. Broad St.
  • York City 12th Ward Third Precinct from the United Way at 800 E. King St. to Fourth United North Methodist Church, 20 N. Lehman St.

All three of these changes are to place polling locations within the boundaries of their precinct.

Polling places in York City Fifth and Seventh Wards and the 12th Ward First and Third Precincts will remain in the old locations for the November general election.

While initially the Board of Elections was set to move the Seventh Ward precinct before the November election,  Helfrich argued that it had been the polling place for a long time.

"I do not believe that the move is necessary prior to the Nov. 2 election," Helfrich said. Following the procedure set by the Fifth Ward move would reduce confusion, he added.

The changes will be updated on the county's website.

This article was edited to correct the spelling of the Appell Center for the Performing Arts, Newberry Street and Newberry Township.

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