Aerial silks instructor and performer bringing her passion to the area

John A. Pavoncello
York Dispatch

Aerial silks instructor and performer Katie Edel is sharing her passion in York County.

Edel started studying aerial silks performance in Oregon about 12 years ago. Her studies led her to Seattle  before she came back home to Shrewsbury. She continued her studies  in Baltimore. 

"Aerial silks is mostly relatable to a circus performance," says Edel. "You are doing a lot of tricks, a lot of complicated poses."

Two fabric 'tails' hang from an apparatus allowing the performer to climb, spin, dive and perform other acrobatic skills. 

Edel has taught aerial silks in Lancaster County for about four years, she said.

Now she is sharing her passion in York County as well.

Edel offers an aerial silks workshop one Sunday a month at MgM Dance Studio, 241 N. Main Street in Shrewsbury. For more information about upcoming classes visit The Inversion Co. on Facebook.