STANDALONE FOR PRINT: Graffiti clean up at Pinchot

John A. Pavoncello
York Dispatch

Volunteers joined Gifford Pinchot State Park rangers to clean up an eyesore at the well-known "Boulder Point," recently.

Organized by the PA Parks & Forest Foundation and the Friends of Pinchot, the cleanup focused on graffiti painted on a large rock visible from Pinchot Lake. The graffiti, created sometime in late March, included a line from 1950's song "Life is But a Dream," painted in yellow and blue paint.

Volunteers applied a chemical solvent to the paint and then manually scrubbed the rock with brushes. 

Spray painting rocks and trees in state parks is illegal. Park Manager Brian Heath said that suspects caught creating damage in the park could be charged with vandalism through the PA Crimes Code and could also face citations under state law Title 17.  Anyone witnessing park visitors damaging park property are encouraged to call 911.