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Patrick DeLany
York Dispatch

Last week a record 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits. That number is sure to spike, with some economists predicting the unemployment rate could be 15% by the end of this month.

Just as staggering is how quickly those jobs disappeared as first schools were shut, then non-essential businesses were closed and finally most families were ordered to stay home – all deemed necessary to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

The York Dispatch journalists, photographers and editors have been working around the clock to bring you news from that front as it happens.

We’re here to show you how the virus is affecting York County in ways large and small — from the preparedness of local hospitals, to fears at the county prison; from how our community is adapting to this new way of life, to the heroes who are helping us through it.

Many of our articles, photos and videos are the result of tips from our readers, and we appreciate that.

In a very real sense, we can’t do this without you.

The fact is, the newspaper industry is struggling along with many others during this crisis as businesses that advertise in newspapers close their doors. Just as communities need information the most, some newsrooms are cutting positions, furloughing workers, eliminating print days or shrinking the number of pages just to survive.

York Dispatch newspapers from the attack on Pearl Harbor via microfilm at the York County History Center.

Yes, digital readership is up significantly, but that’s partly because we decided early last month to lower our paywall on all of our coronavirus coverage, making it free to nonsubscribers.

While we know we will all get through this together, we don’t know when that will be, and our paywall policy is not sustainable.

Starting this week we must return to putting most our online coverage behind the paywall, although we will continue to offer breaking news, the daily virus report and critical health information for free as a public service.

Those who currently subscribe will not notice a difference. You will continue to receive the quality, hard-hitting local journalism you’ve come to expect from The York Dispatch.

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We can’t do this without you.

— Patrick DeLany is editor of The York Dispatch.