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North York-based candy maker Wolfgang Confectioners is looking to hire at least 40 new employees to meet increased demands for its chocolate products created by the coronavirus pandemic.

"It's really the whole supply chain of food that is being sold in grocery stores, in that there is a higher demand with everything going on," said Sarah Lanphier, Wolfgang's director of business development. 

While Wolfgang Confectioners, located at 50 E. 4th Ave., hasn't been hit as hard as toilet paper or hand sanitizer manufacturers, Lanphier said the company's goal of hiring more employees is to maintain existing orders and ship them out faster.

Right now, they're hiring roughly 30 to 40 people to work in general production and machine operations. Interested candidates can apply from the company's website.

Lanphier said that prior to the coronavirus spreading to the United States, Wolfgang Confectioners was already looking to hire a number of employees and that workers hired during the coronavirus outbreak will be long-term, continuing even after the pandemic ends.

Because of school closures, some employees have struggled with maintaining a job and caring for their children, Lanphier said.

And though some members of the  staff have needed to take time off work, Lanphier said she has worked with employees to meet their needs by offering alternative work schedules.

While Wolfgang Confectioners hasn't experienced huge delays, one of the biggest challenges for the company is maintaining a regular supply of packaging materials, which primary come from countries such as China, Lanphier said.

"Typically we do buy in advance, so we have months of inventory right now, but we're continuing to monitor it," Lanphier said of how the company would handle a shortage of packaging supplies.

Wolfgang Confectioners  produces a range of chocolate candy products for its own brand and does work for other chocolate companies. 

"We're just taking it one day at a time like everyone else," Lanphier said. "We just need a lot of people to produce a lot of items we make, just to keep everything flowing." 

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