Local obituaries for Sunday, March 8

Staff report
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Altland, Gladys

Altland, Harry

Anderson, Ray

Brown, Kevin

Bubb, Norma

Burgess, Marie

Byerts, Gladys

Caracher, Jennie

Crossley, Thomas

Dennis, Rae

Dick, Donald

Ferree, Arthur

Forsythe, Scott

Geiger, Kenneth

Gingerich, Dale

Godfrey, Elsie

Guthrie, Louis

Imhoff, Nevin

Keener, Earl

Knaub, Kathryn


Knaub, Lucy

Kohr, Morgan

Kunkle, F.

Laughman, Nancy

Lowrie, Mary

McCubbin, Gary

Nelson, Wallace

Petry, Phyllis

Ranker, Ruth

Resh, Dorothy

Rider, Glen

Robertson, Samantha

Rohrbaugh, William

Roney, Regina

Ruse, Michael

Salamon, Juliann

Sides, Scott

Smith, Delores

Strausbaugh, Donald

Thompson, Jeffrey

Weiser, Daniel