'Come get me': man dared trooper in ex-girlfriend harassment situation

Local obituaries for Sunday, Jan. 26

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Ahrens, Chris

Boeckel, Rebecca

Brenneman, Paul

Brothers, Mae

Bryner, Janet

Buell, Sandy

Chervenitski, Madelyn

Deffley, Sherry

Doss, Robert


Doss, Robert

Fosnaught, Colleen

Fulton, William

Godden, Jessica

Grove, Janet

Hengst, Esther

Hogg, Ruth

Keeney, Ruth

Kennedy, JoAnn

Kennedy, Stewart

Knaub, Kathryn

Kostalas, Nina

Little, Barbara

Martin, Elaine

Phillips, John

Reilly, C.

Roberts, Larry

Runkle, Donald

Shotts, Linda

Shuemaker, Josephine

Snyder, Betty

Snyder, G.

Strayer, Darlene

Test, Diane

Ware, A.

Winand, Ethel

Witmer, Phyllis