Local obituaries for Sunday, Dec. 29

Staff report
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Anderson, Hazel

Ball, Marilee

Bankenstein, Norma

Blackwell, James

Bode, Theodore

Boyce, Darlene

Butcher, Nancy

Carr, Phyllis

Cooper, Glendon

Craig, Jack

Everding, Lucille

Fishel, Donna

Foreman, Mable

Frey, Patricia

Frey, Patricia

Fultz, Gerald

Geesey, Robert

Grove, Donald

Harrell, Robert

Hinkle, Carol

Hoffman, Edward

Jacobs, Josephine

Keith, Clinton

Learn, Mary

McMaster, Mark

McWilliams, Ray

Mellinger, Donald

Miller, David

Murrow, Madelyn

Prout, Cheech

Rehmeyer, Carroll

Rowles, June

Rudy, Sarah

Scarangella, Sean

Sciangula, George

Shenberger, Joyce

Sterner, Johnny

Wagman, Mary

Wallick, Mary

Zeigler, Gayle