Once they received help during holidays; now York family can give to others

Dawn J. Sagert
York Dispatch

Hundreds were served a hot meal Saturday, Nov. 23, with about 100 more meals slated for delivery, during a Thanksgiving Community Dinner event co-sponsored by The Movement and Elite Property Management.

In the basement of Union Lutheran Church on West Market Street in York City, city resident Natalie Brown worked to fill to-go containers with turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

Upstairs, children made snowman crafts on the stage as Christmas music filled the air. Volunteers moved swiftly to both serve the public and coordinate pre-ordered meals for delivery.

Vendettia Banks, left, of York City, prepares to help Tonya Larry carve a turkey during Thanksgiving Community Dinner, provided by The Movement and Elite Property Management, at Union Lutheran Church in York City, Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019. Dawn J. Sagert photo

When Tonya Larry, of The Movement, wasn’t helping to fill plates, she stepped to the other end of the counter to tear steaming meat from a freshly cooked turkey.

“Today is about The Movement and Elite feeding the less fortunate or just feeding families that are lonely around the holidays,” Larry said.

Amy Matulaitis, of York City, waited in the parking lot with her sons, while the boys’ father, Brad Bokansky, made several trips into the church, returning with stacks of meals that he placed inside their trunk. Matulaitis said she and Bokansky were trying to teach their boys to give back.

Brad Bokansky, left, and Amy Matulaitis, both of York City, fill their trunk with meals to  be delivered during Thanksgiving Community Dinner served at Union Lutheran Church in York City, Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019. Dawn J. Sagert photo

“We are going to be delivering meals for people who are unable to come out to the church,” said Matulaitis. “For a few years there, we actually relied on places like this to help us get through the holidays, so this is the first year that we’re actually able to give it back.”

The Movement is an organization, with a Facebook presence boasting more than 7,000 members, whose mission is  “to promote non-violence and economic equality in York County through programs, events, and strategic partnerships that strengthen our community.”

“We just try to do a lot of outreach in the community,” said Larry.