West York Police apprehend juvenile in cop impersonator case

Logan Hullinger
York Dispatch

The West York Police Department apprehended a juvenile Thursday while investigating reports of a woman impersonating a police officer in the borough's Eberton neighborhood.

A news release from the department earlier Thursday, Nov. 21, described a woman seen wearing a police vest while wielding a firearm. It cited reports to 911 as well as social media.

The "woman" reportedly was black, roughly 5 feet tall with curly hair, in her late teens or early 20s and with braces on her teeth. 

She had last been seen wearing a tactical police vest over a red shirt, ripped jeans and a blue scarf covering her face. She allegedly had a pistol in a shoulder holster.

Reports said she had been asking for individuals by name and shining flashlights in residents' homes.

By Thursday night, West York Police issued another news release saying officers had cracked the case:

"This evening, with assistance from the community, case officers did identify and apprehend a juvenile in regards to the impersonation of an officer case that was broadcast earlier today. Thank you for the calls and information that led to closing this case."

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