York City Council has canceled its third meeting in the last month because of the city clerk's medical leave, but members assert it's not holding up city government.

The cancellation of the Oct. 23 committee meeting comes as Dianna Thompson-Mitchell remains on medical leave after surgery late last month. Committee meetings dictate the agenda for legislative meetings.

"We're not putting a halt on city government," said City Council President Henry Nixon. "If there are pressing issues, we would convene a meeting without the city clerk."

Thompson-Mitchell will, however, be present at the Tuesday, Oct. 15, legislative meeting, Nixon confirmed. Such meetings are more important than committee meetings because that's where members cast votes on bills and resolutions.

Michael Buckingham, who also serves on the City Council, said the cancellations have been justified because the city clerk's job is integral to the council. She takes care of much of the preparatory work and also takes meeting notes, he said. 

Thompson-Mitchell is expected to officially be back to work next month.

York City Mayor Michael Helfrich and the remaining three council members did not respond to inquiries for comment.

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