York County sheriff's office warns of phone scam


Phone scammers might be pretending to be the York County Sheriff's Office to trick residents into giving them money.

The sheriff's office said in a news release that callers identifying themselves as department representatives have been requesting payment of fees and debts for warrants through prepaid MoneyPak cards.

The person or people making the calls might also threaten to arrest residents if they do not pay, according to the release.

The sheriff's office warned that the identification for the number may appear blocked or actually display the number for the York County Sheriff's Office.

On Monday, May 13, the sheriff's office said it does not call people to collect fees or debts.

Anyone who gets a call like this is reminded not to provide any personal or financial information. The sheriff's office asked those who receive the calls to get as much information from the callers as possible and contact the local police department or the state Sheriffs' Association at 877-236-7335.