New ash receptacles in York City will limit America's most-littered item — cigarette butts. 

The City of York's electrical bureau installed 18 receptacles in high-traffic downtown areas, including Continental Square, Downtown Inc announced in a Jan. 31 release. 

Downtown Inc's Clean-Up Crew employees will empty the receptacles, which were secured from Keep America Beautiful, a nonprofit with a mission to inspire communities to beautify their environments. 

“It seems like a small thing, but when people litter their cigarette butts, they’re diminishing the quality of life in our city and presenting an unflattering picture of our community to visitors, prospective businesses and residents,” said Downtown Inc project manager Mark Rooney, who manages the Clean-Up Crew.

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Most smokers would dispose of cigarette butts properly if given the opportunity, Rooney said in the release. The new receptacles give smokers "a better choice than simply tossing their cigarette butts on the ground.”

Downtown Inc is looking into installing additional receptacles. Businesses with questions may contact Rooney at

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