Grammy-nominated The Wood Brothers to play at Strand Theatre

Rebecca Klar
York Dispatch
The Wood Brothers will play at the Strand Theatre in York on Monday, Jan. 21. (Photo courtesy of The Wood Brothers).

As teenagers in Colorado, Oliver Wood said he played music with his brother, Chris. After being separated for years — Oliver playing with a band in Atlanta and Chris playing with a band in New York — a gig in North Carolina brought them back together. 

The musical brothers reconnected while playing at the same show, with different bands, Oliver Wood said. 

"I ended up sitting in and playing some songs with Chris' band, and we just had a great time," he said.  

"From that point on, we made a point to play together when we had a chance," Oliver Wood added. 

Eventually, that turned into forming The Wood Brothers — a Grammy-nominated band performing at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 21, at the Strand Theatre, 50 N. George St.

Oliver Wood said the siblings' first album came out in 2006, but it was still a side project for many years. Over the past decade, it's grown to be their "full-time enterprise," he said. 

"And sort of a family business," he added. 

The Wood brothers, Oliver on guitar and Chris on bass, are joined by drummer and keyboard player Jano Rix. 

The Wood Brothers most recent album "One Drop of Truth" is nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Americana Album. (Photo courtesy of The Wood Brothers)

The band is especially proud of their most recent album, "One Drop of Truth" — and not just because it earned them their first Grammy nomination, Oliver Wood said. 

The album was nominated for Best Americana Album of the Year. 

It was also self-produced and self-financed, which meant the artists weren't beholden to anyone creatively or financially, Oliver Wood said. 

"We were in this little creative bubble," he said. 

The band did something they always wanted to over the course of nine months producing the album: They took it one song at a time, he said. 

Rather than rushing to create and record a bunch of songs in a two- or three-week session, the band wrote and recorded one song, went back on tour and came back to create another, Oliver Wood said. 

"We were able to make it the way we want to make it, and we just had the confidence from having made so many records over the years," he said.  

The Grammy nomination feels like a vindication of their efforts, he said. 

"We're really proud of that," Oliver Wood said. "Especially since we did it all by ourselves."