York County Commissioner Susan Byrnes won't seek re-election

York Dispatch
York County President Commissioner Susan Byrnes speaks during the opening ceremony for the 17th annual York County Senior Olympics at Central York High School in Springettsbury Township, Tuesday, June 19, 2018. Dawn J. Sagert photo

York County President Commissioner Susan Byrnes will not seek re-election to the position she has held for three years.

Byrnes sent this letter to The York Dispatch Tuesday, Jan. 15:

"This is a thank you to the York Countians who supported and elected me to the position of county commissioner in 2015.

"During my campaign, I spoke of a Renewed Vision for York that encouraged collaboration between government and the private sector, compassion for our children and their families, and more effective leadership in executing the fiscal decision-making responsibilities of the commissioners’ office. These priorities are unchanged as I enter my final year in office.

"My decision not to seek reelection is intended to create an opportunity for a next generation of leaders with new ideas to join the wonderful 2,200 employees who serve York County every day. There is a culture of respect and collaboration among our 50 department directors and the commissioners’ leadership team. We recognize that there will always be competing priorities and often insufficient resources however, the opportunity to work on behalf of our 400,000 plus fellow residents is a tremendously rewarding responsibility.   

"In my final year as President County Commissioner, I look forward to continuing my work with Judge Maria Musti-Cook on the Stepping Up Initiative, leading new efforts aimed at the well-being of our families and children, supporting Terry Gendron in his untiring efforts on behalf of our veterans, being a resource to District Attorney Dave Sunday and his office in their very difficult tasks, aiding our Chief Health Strategist Dr. Matthew Howie with his community health initiatives, addressing financial and budgetary decisions which will never satisfy everyone and are often challenged by well-meaning people, and devoting all my energies and abilities to carrying out the responsibilities of my office.

"This time next year, I will exit 28 E. Market St. and welcome a newly-elected group of county commissioners. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served my fellow York Countians and will dedicate all of my energies, this final year in office to working on your behalf. It is an honor to serve as your President County Commissioner."

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