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Members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly will take their oaths of office on Tuesday, Jan. 1, and York County lawmakers have already laid our their legislative priorities for the 2019-20 session.

Here's a list of what local lawmakers think is most important for their constituents:

Sen.-elect Kristin Phillips-Hill, R-28th District 

  • Priorities: Better fiscal responsibility, "common sense" political reform, increase transparency and accountability, reduce taxes, decrease regulations and improve high-speed internet access.
  • Quote: "I've already hit the ground running. We're already circulating legislation addressing a whole host of issues."
  • Represents: Most of York County except for the northern municipalities and Hanover Borough, Penn and West Manheim townships.

Sen. Mike Folmer, R-48th District

  • Priorities: Modernize election codes and ethics codes, improve voter security, create a redistricting commission.
  • Quote: "As the majority chair of the State Government Committee, we’ve been working on a bipartisan package of election codes reform. Voting is the most fundamental right that a citizen of the U.S. has."
  • Represents: All of Lebanon County, parts of Dauphin County and these municipalities in York County: Goldsboro, Lewisberry, Manchester, Mount Wolf and York Haven boroughs, and Conewago, East Manchester, Newberry and Springettsbury townships.

Rep.-elect Mike Jones, R-93rd District (first-time legislator)

  • Priorities: Learn the ropes of being a legislator and learn from those with experience, residential tax reform, workforce development, strengthen local businesses and the economy.
  • Quote: “Even as a freshman, we control our own destiny in the districts."
  • Represents: The townships of Hopewell, East Hopewell, North Hopewell, Fawn, Springfield and York, and the boroughs of Dallastown, Cross Roads, Fawn Grove, Jacobus, Loganville, Seven Valleys, Shrewsbury, Stewartstown, Winterstown and Yoe.

Rep. Dawn Keefer, R-92nd District

  • Priorities: Regulatory reform, transparency and accountability, grow the economy, emphasize vocational and trade education.
  • Quote: “If you’re getting public dollars, your records should be open. You should be telling us how and what you’re spending that on.”
  • Represents: Dillsburg, Franklintown, Goldsboro, Lewisberry and Wellsville boroughs; Carroll, Fairview, Franklin, Monaghan, Newberry, Warrington and Washington townships; and Monroe Township in Cumberland County.

Rep. Stan Saylor, R-94th District

  • Priorities: Diversify manufacturing and attract "recession-proof" jobs, build up the rainy day fund, prevent tax increases, work to benefit individuals with special needs, eliminate cash grants (also known as General Assistance).
  • Quote: "It’s critical for Pennsylvania to diversify our manufacturing as well as attract jobs that are somewhat recession-proof. And the only way to do that is to make companies feel our tax policies and regulations are consistent.”
  • Represents: Chanceford, Lower Chanceford, Windsor, Lower Windsor and Peach Bottom townships; Delta, East Prospect, Felton, Windsor, Red Lion, Yorkana boroughs; and parts of Springettsbury Township.

Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-95th District 

  • Priorities: Review policies and rules of General Assembly and make sure they're up to date, increase minimum wage, increase education funding, criminal justice reform.
  • Quote: "My district specifically is diverse, which makes it more interesting. For me, I welcome the diversity because I can see things from different angles."
  • Represents: York City, Spring Garden Township, parts of West Manchester Township and West York.

Rep. Keith Gillespie, R-47th District 

  • Priorities: Property tax relief, reduce the size of the Legislature and eliminate "hold harmless" education funding (the practice of providing school districts with the same funding as in the previous year even if their student population has declined).
  • Quote: "I don't introduce a lot of legislation. But I really focus on the ones I do."
  • Represents: Conewago, East Manchester, Hellam and Manchester townships; Hallam, Manchester, Mount Wolf, North York, Wrightsville and York Haven boroughs; and parts of Springettsbury Township.

Note: Rep. Seth Grove, R-196th District, and Rep. Kate Klunk, R-169th District, didn't respond to email and phone inquiries.

— Logan Hullinger can be reached at or via Twitter at @LoganHullYD.


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