The Celebrating York’s Unity through Ten Thousand Acts of Kindness project unveiled its commemorative Kindness Coin and presented the first of several hundred already earned during a Thursday, Dec. 20, event at CGA Law Firm in York City.

The project, organized by the ad-hoc Acts of Kindness committee, seeks to recognize 10,000 good deeds by June 30, 2019, with the coins distributed as tokens of appreciation.

The project awarded the very first coin to Jeff Stubbs, a maintenance department supervisor for York County. Stubbs earned the first coin by helping a stranded motorist following the project's kickoff event in June. Several organizations and volunteer groups also were awarded coins.

The coins are embossed with a design created by Erin Orwig, a film and moving image major at Stevenson University and a Red Lion Area School District graduate.

Coin earners will be invited to a celebration to be held June 30, 2019, when all 10,000 will gather for a meal and attempt to break a record with a 1½-mile-long table at Penn Park. 

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