The crowd at PeoplesBank Park has been getting smaller and smaller during York Revolution games, with end-of-the-year statistics showing attendance has dropped more than 12 percent since last year alone.

The Revs finished the 2018 regular season sixth in the seven-team league for attendance, with an average of 2,825 fans per game, according to statistics from the Atlantic League website. 

That is the lowest average attendance in the history of the franchise, which started in 2007.


This season's number represented a 12.3 percent drop compared to the 3,222 average attendance last year — the largest single-season decline for the team — and a 35 percent drop from the Revs' best year in 2008, when average attendance was 4,351.

The graph below shows the full history of the Revs' average attendance records:

Revs President Eric Menzer attributed the numbers to "a brutal season from a weather standpoint," as this year York City saw "record rainfall."

Menzer noted that attendance records fluctuate. He acknowledged the number has gone down "a little bit" in the past few years but said he "isn't worried about it."

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"We had nine rainouts and 10 double-headers," Menzer said. "With the weather we had this year, it was awful. It's not fun. It's hard on the team, hard on the employees and hard on the wallet."

But he added ticket sales were still good this year and that he's "not at all concerned" about the attendance numbers, as the team gets one-third of its revenue from ticket sales, one-third from hospitality and one-third from advertising sales.

The average ticket sales this year were only four tickets per game less than the year prior — although attendance dropped by 397 people on average — which Menzer said was "remarkable" given the weather and cancellations.

He attributed the discrepancy to fans who bought tickets to rained-out games but never used those or the makeup tickets.

Menzer also added some fans didn't come to games because of poor weather conditions in general.

Menzer's game plan: "We can't complain about it, just keep our heads up and keep working hard."









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