York County Sheriff's deputies honored for service

Two York County Sheriff's deputies' actions during a shooting outside the courthouse earlier this year earned them department awards Wednesday.

During the sheriff's office awards and promotions ceremony Wednesday, Sept. 12, Deputy Shane Kauffman and Sgt. Justin Koller were recognized for their actions after a man was shot outside the courthouse in March.

York County Sheriff Richard Keuerleber, left, recognizes Deputy Shane Kauffman and Sgt. Justin Koller with the Distinguished Public Service Award during the annual Promotion and Award Ceremony, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018.  Deputy Kauffman and Sgt. Koller were honored for providing medical care to a gunshot patient and assisting York City Police in the search for the suspect. John A. Pavoncello photo

“Deputy Kauffman applied a tourniquet above the wound and stood by until Sgt. Koller arrived and assisted with applying bandages directly to the wound," Assistant Chief Deputy Steven Diehl said.

The two were among 20 deputies who received awards Wednesday.

Assisted: On March 7, Kauffman and Koller heard gunshots behind the York County Judicial Center.

Koller, working in the training department on the fourth floor, grabbed a tactical medical vest and ran to the scene, and Kauffman, who was just pulling into the rear of the courthouse, went to the scene as well.

When they arrived, they found a victim with a gunshot wound to the inner thigh, Diehl said.

Kauffman helped York City Police try to find the suspect, and Kohler assisted the department in securing the scene. 

York City Police have said Matthew Lynn Hughes, 20, and Shyquel Folk, 16, shot Derek Dorsey, 32, of Baltimore, that day. Dorsey was attending the trial for his cousin, Vernon Cox, who was later found guilty of murdering Ryan Small, Hughes' brother.

Sheriff Richard Keuerleber said Koller is in charge of training.

"We'll see that his training is passed on to the other deputies," he said.

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Other awards: Several other deputies were recognized as well, including Deputy Brandon Polash, who received two distinguished public service awards.

Diehl said Polash, a member of the civil service division, helped de-escalate a situation involving involving a person who was threatening suicide in North Hopewell Township.

He also pulled a child from a hot vehicle in Red Lion in June, according to Diehl.

Diehl said Polash was flagged down by a woman who said that the child had been left in the car. Diehl said the child was sweating profusely and crying hysterically.

"(Polash) was able to reach through the sunroof and pull the child out of the vehicle," he said.

The mother of the child was charged, Diehl said.

"Deputy Polash's prompt actions clearly removed the child from harm's way and possibly extreme heat exposure," he said.

Deputy Cody Myers received the life-saving medal for applying Narcan to a man who was found passed out in York City in April. The man had overdosed on heroin.

Additionally, Cpl. Taylor Eck was the recipient of a distinguished public service award for helping a woman get her child out of her car, which she had accidentally locked. 

In addition to the five mentioned, the follow deputies also received awards:

• Deputy Jimmy Godfrey, Life Saving Medal

• Cpl. Corey Strine, Commendable Service Ribbon (2)

• Deputy Richard Snyder, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Deputy Michael Hoffman, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Cpl. Brian Rohrbaugh, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Sgt. Bienamino Lopez, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Deputy Michael Krug, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Deputy Kenneth Leveck, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Deputy Daryl Harang, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Deputy Aren Snyder, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Deputy Stephen Perkins, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Deputy Morrell Sipe, Commendable Service Ribbon

• Lt. David Godfrey, Commendable Service Ribbon

The following people received promotions:

• Wesley Williams was promoted from lieutenant to sergeant

• Bret Wallace was promoted from corporal to sergeant

• Chad Cassel was promoted from corporal to sergeant

• Brendan Bortell was promoted from deputy to corporal

• Jud Mehring was promoted from deputy to corporal 

• Brian Rohrbaugh was promoted from deputy to corporal

• Thomas McCarron was promoted from deputy to corporal 

• Jeremy Smith was promoted from deputy to corporal 

• Taylor Eck was promoted from deputy to corporal

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