Walker Road at the York County Heritage Rail Trail is closed while officials investigate potential damage, according to officials.

South Central York County Emergency Management Agency posted on Facebook Monday, Sept. 10, that the road at the rail trail underpass is closed.

Agency coordinator Stan Walters said Shrewsbury Township's roads department and an engineer measured a depth of 7.7 feet in Trout Run in an area that is normally 2 to 3 feet deep.

That signaled to the engineer that the creek bottom had been scoured during the Aug. 31 storm, which means that the bedrock underneath the nearby bridge abutment could have been affected as well.

The rail trail runs on a bridge perpendicular to Walker Road. Walters said Steam Into History utilizes the tracks, and the organization has been informed about the situation.

He said the organization had already canceled tours for the weekend because of the potential for bad weather. 

Walters said the road will be closed  for the foreseeable future. The next step, he said, is for divers to go into the creek and see if the footer of the abutment has been affected.

Walters said Thursday, Sept. 13, that divers are coming and that officials are hoping to hear a report on the situation by the end of the week. 

Accomac Road: In Hellam Township, Accomac Road is closed after a portion of it collapsed Sunday, Sept. 9.

Mike Crochunis, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, said Monday, Sept. 10, that PennDOT engineers knew the road was at risk of collapse after the Aug. 31 storms, and the agency had been monitoring the road and checking its stability every four hours.

The road is open for emergency vehicles and residents who need to get to their homes, according to Crochunis, but larger vehicles and nonlocal traffic are not allowed to use the road for safety reasons.

York County spokesman Mark Walters said there's now a stream running along the remaining portion of the road, which is the width of a single lane.

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