Lake Williams will be closed to fishing and boating until further notice starting Friday, July 13, at dusk

The lake is being drained to allow the York Water Co. to install a valve and pipe liner on its 106-year-old dam, and it most likely won't be refilled until fall or winter, depending on rainfall.

While the water company and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission requested a waiver of all creel and size limits as early as May 1, many fish still remain in the lake.

To save them before the lake drains completely, the company is now hosting “Save a Fish Day” from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Volunteers are invited to the event to help count and transport a number of select species of fish from Lake Williams to holding tanks, which will then be transported to Lake Redman.

As the boat launch also will be closed from Friday until further notice, no boats will be permitted at the event.

The Lake Williams bridge will be closed starting Tuesday, Sept. 4, until all dam improvement projects, which are expected to take at least one year, are completed.

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