York City Council officially recognizes International & Culture Festival Expo Day

Logan Hullinger
York Dispatch
191 children compete in the 20th Annual William Shaffer “Kids Hooked On Fishing” Trout Derby at Kiwanis Lake in York City, Saturday, March 31, 2018. Dawn J. Sagert photo

The York City Council officially proclaimed June 16 as International & Culture Festival Expo Day during a Tuesday, June 5, council meeting.

The expo is sponsored by Sof Core LLC, a religious organization in Millersville, Maryland. It has been held the past three years at York's Kiwanis Lake and Farquhar Park at 570 N. Newberry St.

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However, the upcoming expo Saturday, June 16, will be the first held as a part of an officially recognized occasion in York City.

"The ICF Expo is a great opportunity to provide our younger generation with a safe and wholesome platform to learn, get involved and share their cultures," the proclamation states.

The proclamation is meant to encourage residents to partake in the activities, as they "showcase the proud heritage of our multicultural community through participation of various ethnicities helping to inform and enlighten the public."

L. Akilah Karima McDaniel, leader of Sof Core, was born and raised in York City. She said she is happy to see the event be solidified in the city's history, she said.

"The point is to bring people together, unify them and bring healing," McDaniel said. "It's not a competition, we just want to bring authentic culture to York. It allows us to sit down and collaborate."

She hopes the event will have a "serious, long-lasting" impact on the community, she added.

A procession to Kiwanis Lake begins at 10 a.m. on Madison Avenue. 

Special guests include the Phillippine-American Heritage Council, Zone Latinas, Malcom X Drummers, D.C. Panamian Folklore and Patrick "Little Wolf" Brooks.