Ex-Mayor Wasko leads charge for West York forensic audit

Jana Benscoter
York Dispatch
  • Council members voted 6-to-1 to research how much it would cost an outside firm to conduct a forensic audit.
Former West York Borough Mayor Charles Wasko wants a forensic audit done of the borough's business dealings. (Dawn Sagert)

Former West York Mayor Charles Wasko rallied council members Monday, March 5, in favor of doing a deeper investigation into the borough’s business dealings.

Council members voted 6 to 1 to research how much it would cost an outside firm to conduct a forensic audit. Alan Vandersloot voted no.  

Borough solicitor Mieke Driscoll said board members can explore the costs associated with different types of audits that vary depending on the scope of desired detailed information.

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A forensic audit is used to examine and evaluate specific financial information and can be used as evidence in court, Driscoll explained. It's unlike the borough's audit, which evaluates the municipality's business records. 

Wasko, who was forced to resign in 2016 because of racist Facebook posts, said he read the 2016-17 audit and found it unacceptable that there were specific documents excluded.

Former West York Borough Mayor Chuck Wasko was asked to resign in 2016 in light of "racist Facebook posts." (Dawn Sagert)

“Some stuff doesn’t make sense here,” Wasko said. “They say they can’t find a lot of documents. So, is the audit completed or what? If they can’t find documents, how is it able to be done? I’ll tell you what, there’s a lot of stuff that’s not right in it with money."

He continued, addressing the handful of West York residents in attendance, by asking them to raise their hands if they agreed with him that the council should call for a forensic audit. Most of the residents raised their hands, along with nearly the entire council.

“I think we all do,” council President Mary Wagner said.

Wasko followed up by saying, “Let’s do it. Let’s get it done.”

“This is the taxpayers' money that you’re messing with,” he said. “So, let’s find out where it is, where it was and how it got back here and how it got out of the building.”

Mayor Shawn Mauck, who was appointed by borough council after Wasko resigned, was not at the council's regular meeting. 

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Mauck, who won his own term as mayor last year, is running for the state Senate seat being vacated by gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner, R-Spring Garden Township.

Mary Wagner, the council president, said she favored the audit because West York has had a "black cloud" over it for years. She said it's time that taxpayers come first in the borough over special interests.