Congested Dover Twp. intersection raises red flags for supervisors

Jana Benscoter
York Dispatch
Car crashes have increased at the intersection of Carlisle and Conewago roads in Dover Township, according to one resident. (Jana Benscoter)

It’s been 15 years since a Dover Township intersection has been the subject of a traffic and engineering study. And one resident says it’s long overdue.

Supervisors unanimously agreed they need to request the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation conduct a study at the intersection of Route 74, also known as Carlisle Road, and Conewago Road, near the northern border of the township.

“It’s like a free-for-all — morning and night,” said Luther Strine, whose daughter was recently involved in a car crash at the intersection.

Strine’s daughter was standing near her car after she was involved in a crash there, he said. One to two minutes later, there was a second car crash, Strine explained. The second crash caused a car to land on top of his daughter, crushing her rib cage.

“Something has to be done at that intersection,” he said. “I’ve complained to the police department many, many times about it. That’s a money pit for the police, but they don’t seem to bother with it. How many more people have to be seriously hurt or killed before something is done?”

A dispatcher for Northern York County Regional Police said the department doesn't log the number of accidents that occur in specific locations. 

Township manager Laurel Oswalt explained that supervisors “would have to approve taking any kind of action to approach PennDOT about the intersection.” The menu of options generally consists of performing a traffic and engineering study to prove whether a traffic light needs to be installed or a reduction in speed needs to occur.

PennDOT opted for a flashing light at the intersection 15 years ago, Oswalt said. There wasn’t a need for a full light, she continued.

“It’s a PennDOT road,” Oswalt said. “Obviously, the expense of maintaining it will fall on the township if a (traffic) light is warranted.”

A Dover Township resident influenced township supervisors to approach PennDOT about doing a traffic and engineering study at the intersection of Carlisle and Conewago roads. (Jana Benscoter)

Terry Myers, township engineer, said the “traffic counts may have changed. I know all of that was evaluated 15 years ago.”

“Something has to be done,” Strine said. “If you need money for the light, I’ll see if I can raise some money for the light. Whatever it takes, but something has to be done.”

Strine said he thinks everybody needs to “slow down.” He added, the “traffic has quadrupled and then some” within 15 years.

Supervisor Charles Richards said the township should not only contact PennDOT but also “see what else can be done to keep people safe.”