Get all of the details about the eighth annual Restaurant Week York! It runs Feb. 24 thru March 3, with 34 participating eateries.


Ready to indulge in creative, exquisite, decadent and savory food?

You’re in luck.

Thirty-four restaurants are participating in the eighth annual Restaurant Week York. The event begins Saturday, Feb. 24, and ends Saturday, March 3.

“We think it’s about $200,000 brought to restaurant owners, which is great,” said Philip Given, Mayor Michael Helfrich’s chief of staff. “The week is traditionally a slow season for restaurants. There’s a big bump right before Christmas during the holidays, then there’s a pretty big dip until spring. So Restaurant Week fits right in.”

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New restaurants that have come online within the last three to four years have been able to “sustain themselves.” That’s because of a community of core restaurant owners and the York City Independent Restaurant Association, supporting not only businesses downtown but also owners throughout the city, Given said.

“Historically, the statistics for restaurants aren’t good,” he said. “But the city of York is open for business. We have the tools to facilitate them. It’s good to see a network of business owners. You can’t always get that everywhere else.”

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Seven new restaurants are participating this year, said Meagan Feeser, chairwoman of the association. And that’s because they are new businesses, too, she added.

This year, all participating eateries will be offering a Restaurant Week exclusive menu item that can only be ordered during Restaurant Week, according to the association. There also will be Restaurant Week-only special events, which can be found at along with a list of participating restaurants and menus.

“You’re going to want to take out your office mates and be the office hero,” Feeser said at the launch of the event Thursday, Feb. 1.

Restaurant Week York originally was a special event for York City, she said. It has grown to the point of it being taken on by the York City Independent Restaurant Association.

Feeser encouraged diners to create a buzz by posting their photos to social media using the hashtag #rwyork.

Price-conscious diners and foodies alike can find something that makes their mouth water. According to the association, food lovers can enjoy inexpensive menus, including $5, $10 and $15 breakfast and lunch specials and three-course dinner specials at $20, $30 or $40.

York's vegan and vegetarian community will find something inviting to eat this year, Feeser said. 

“I think when people sometimes think about supporting their local businesses, they don’t think about how that goes down the food chain,” said York City solicitor Jason Sabol, who spoke on behalf of Helfrich. “When you support your local business, you support obviously the business itself, you support the owner and all of the employees. For me, when you go out to eat, a great meal is a great thing, but a great experience is much better.”

He continued, “In York, we’re very lucky to have some of the best servers, some of the best bartenders around.”

“And, when you come out to Restaurant Week York, you’re supporting not only the local businesses, the owners, but you are also supporting those local line-level employees, too, which is great,” he said.

Hamir Patel, the owner of Hamir’s Indian Fusion, said he can’t express his gratitude in words. The restaurant opened last month, and this is his first Restaurant Week. He said he’s received tremendous support that has been a “helpful experience so far.”

He said the list of those whom he’d like to thank is endless.

“My staff that’s keeping it together for me — they make me look good,” Patel said. “My kitchen staff and the front of the house, I give credit to them, and credit to the servers. I learned a lot from them as well. There are so many people I can thank.”

Patrons are encouraged to make reservations, Patel said. 

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