Marco's Pizza still bustling at new Carlisle Road location

Jana Benscoter
York Dispatch
  • The 2,000-square-foot White Street space was "bursting at the seams," Marco's Pizza co-owner Sabrina Lo Duca said.
  • The restaurant’s new location also adds the options of a made-to-order salad bar, hot entrees every day and a grab-and-go section, Lo Duca said.

Lexy Hake, a 23-year-old Marco's Pizza employee, described the restaurant's grand opening at its new West Manchester Township location as “chaos” and “nerve-wracking.” 

Customers of the restaurant's bustling White Street location followed Marco's Pizza around the corner to the former Alexander’s Family Restaurant at 840 Carlisle Road, which Marco's owners Sabrina and Vito Lo Ducas purchased last year.

Sabrina Lo Duca said she and her husband are lucky to find a moment to catch their breath since they opened at the new location Jan. 11.

Marco's Pizza, now located at 840 Carlisle Ave. in Manchester Township, Friday, Jan. 26, 2018. Dawn J. Sagert photo

“We hit the ground running,” she said. “For the most part, our regular customers are very easy going. It’s the new ones who come in that never dined on White Street, and they’re still kind of expecting servers like Alexander’s had. So, it’s kind of like we have to teach them our way of doing it.”

The 2,000-square-foot White Street space was "bursting at the seams," she added. Having more than double that space on Carlisle Road now allows the restaurant owners to think bigger.

Sabrina Lo Duca said her husband thrives on being creative. He studies The Food Network and checks out Instagram posts to emulate inspirational cuisines, she said.

“If it’s mustard, mayonnaise and pickles, the customers will try it,” Sabrina Lo Duca said. “Vito can do whatever, and they’ll try it. They trust him at this point.”

Name change: Marco’s used to be known as Marcello’s. The name changed in 2012, Sabrina Lo Duca said, but that hasn't affected their nearly two-decade run in the pizza business. They opened the White Street pizza shop in 2001. 

When talking about the varieties of pizza pies they offer, Sabrina Lo Duca said she thinks the pasta ones are "unique."

“They’ll make fettuccine alfredo and pile it on a pizza,” she explained. “And then they have like a spaghetti one that has another crust on its top, so it looks like an apple pie. It’s insane.”

New additions: An existing patio also is an exciting new addition, Sabrina Lo Duca said, adding that she's anticipating using it this spring. Room in the basement is another possibility waiting to happen, she said. “I’d like to utilize a part of the basement to become known for seasonal ice cream.” 

The restaurant’s new location now offers new options, such as a made-to-order salad bar, hot entrees every day and a grab-and-go section, Sabrina Lo Duca said.

Hake, who is part of the wait staff, said once employees understood the new computer system, “we got everything flowing.”

“It felt like I was starting a new job,” she said. 

Even with all the hype surrounding the restaurant’s new location, Hake said she feels the Lo Ducas remain respectful to everyone who walks through their doors. 

“I feel like I’m coming to work to work with my family,” she said.