York County District Attorney Dave Sunday was joined by local judges and county row officers in taking his oath of office Jan. 2, 2018. David Weissman/ The York Dispatch


Dave Sunday spent months preparing to "hit the ground running" when he officially became York County's district attorney, but after being sworn into office flanked by his wife and 3-year-old son, Sunday described the transition day as "a bit hectic."

Sunday was one of several elected officials — including county judges and row officers — officially sworn into office Tuesday, Jan. 2, at the old county courthouse on East Market Street.

The now-former chief deputy prosecutor Sunday has been preparing to take office since winning the Republican primary — and securing the Democratic nomination via write-in votes — back in May.

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He said he's been using the time since then to evaluate everybody's role in the office and institute changes that he believes will make everything run better.

"(The team of people in the district attorney's office) is what this job is about," Sunday said to the crowd after taking his oath. "I see people here who come to work every single day, that don't get to go into courtrooms, who move files and do all kinds of things that never will bring a camera in front of them, and they're the ones that make this work."

Sunday added during his speech that his sole role will be to ensure justice.

Though the excitement of the swearing-in made for a hectic morning, Sunday said he's just "bursting with enthusiasm" to finally transition into his new role.

Judges: Three county court of common pleas judges, including two newcomers, also took their oaths Tuesday morning.

Though she was already sitting on the bench, Judge Kathleen Prendergast was emotional after being sworn in for the first time as an elected judge.

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She had been appointed to the position by Gov. Tom Wolf in July 2016 after three unsuccessful campaigns before emerging with the most votes of any candidate in November's election.

She thanked her family and supporters for convincing her not to give up and finally obtain her dream job.

"I hope to do you all proud," she said.

Prendergast was joined on the bench Tuesday by newly elected judges Clyde Vedder and Amber Anstine Kraft.

They were joined in their oaths by eight district judges and three county row officers — Controller Greg Bower, incumbent Coroner Pam Gay and Recorder of Deeds Laura Shue.

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