A press conference announcing the launch of Give Local York at PeoplesBank Stadium took place Monday, Nov. 20, 2017. The event is a 24-hour fundraising event scheduled for May 4, 2018, to benefit nonprofit organizations.


Days after Lancaster County residents raised more than $8 million for local nonprofit organizations, Bob Pullo and other community advocates launched Give Local York, a fundraising drive to support nonprofits throughout York County. 

From midnight through 11:59 p.m. May 4, 2018, hundreds of nonprofits across the county will vie for donations made through the Give Local York website. 

Organizers and York Federal Fellows Alumni Association members are hoping to raise at least $1 million for 200 nonprofits in the 24-hour period, said Meagan Feeser, the event’s main coordinator.

“For the first time ever, York County will be transformed into a communitywide celebration of generosity that will benefit hundreds of nonprofits that support our York County residents,” Feeser said during the launch event Monday, Nov. 20, at PeoplesBank Park.

With Lancaster County’s sixth annual Extraordinary Give event raising $8.6 million in 24 hours Friday, Nov. 17, raising $1 million in an “extremely generous community” is a good, attainable goal to set for York County nonprofits, Feeser said.

“It may sound like a lot … but I think it’s doable,” Feeser said of the $1 million goal. “I would love to blow that number out of the water.”

A dime at a time: Citing donation statistics from the York County Community Foundation, Feeser said county residents donated more than $18.2 million in 2015, which breaks down to roughly $41 per person.

“We’re not talking about huge donations,” Feeser said. “Anyone can be a part of this event, and that’s what makes it so amazing.”

The bulk of donations will be made via the internet, but organizers will be hosting events to bring together potential donors and organizations while holding challenges for nonprofits to try to stretch their donations even further, Feeser said.

For the next five and a half months, Feeser said, she and other Give Local York organizers will be trying to secure $100,000 in private donations to create a pool for nonprofits taking part in the day of giving. 

This six-figure fund will act as a stretch pool, with nonprofits receiving a bonus on top of the money they raise through the event website.

The idea of bringing a day of giving to York County has been tossed around since Lancaster’s Extraordinary Give began in 2012, but more official conversations have been ongoing for the past two years, Feeser said. 

With the first Give Local York now officially set, it is up to York County residents to make the most of the event by getting involved, said Jenny Englerth, president and CEO of Family First Health.

“The great thing about collective impact is that there’s a spot for everybody at the table,” Englerth said at the announcement event. “Our goal is to be intentionally inclusive and provide opportunities for anyone and everyone across York County to plug into this event, to make it a great day for all of the citizens of York County.”

Workshop: Give Local York organizers will hold a workshop Dec. 13 for nonprofit organizations interested in participating in the 24-hour fundraising event. The workshop will run from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the DreamWrights Center for Community Arts, 100 Carlisle Ave., York City.

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