'Finest is the best': Judging alpacas at York Expo Center

John A. Pavoncello
York Dispatch

Seven alpacas and their handlers stood in the spotlight as judges Robin Näsemann and Jude Anderson made their way down the line. A stop at each, a look at the alpaca's eyes and fleece, a sample pulled and placed on a pad on each judge's arm.

Näsemann, from Wuppertal, Germany, has been breeding his own alpacas for 12 years and judging for five, this time at the Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association's Breeders Showcase at the Utz Arena in the York Expo Center. 

Näsemann takes a sample of each animal's fur as he moves down the line and then compares the samples.

"The finest is the best," he says "so the thinner the hair, the better." 

According to Näsemann, showing is just one reason for having alpacas. Their fleece is spun to use in a multitude of garments, such as socks, which were on sale during the show.

Alpacas also can be trained to go through an agility course, much like a dog.

"They are extremely friendly, quiet animals," he said.