York Traditions Bank opening ‘hub’ branch in York City

Jason Addy
York Dispatch

York Traditions Bank will make good on a 15-year promise by opening a branch in downtown York City next spring, bank officials announced Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Since its founding in October 2002, York Traditions Bank has opened five locations — in Springettsbury, Manchester, West Manchester and York townships, as well as Hanover — but “something was missing,” said Gene Draganosky, the bank’s president and CEO. 

York Traditions Bank President and CEO Gene Draganosky announces a new branch location in downtown York City at a press conference Tuesday, Aug. 22. Photo by Jason Addy.

“We’ve longed to have a physical presence in the city,” Draganosky said, announcing the bank signed a 15-year lease Aug. 8 to take over the first floor of the properties at 100 and 102 N. George St. “We plan to be here for a long time.”

Euphoria Tattoo Emporium currently operates out of 102 N. George St., while 100 N. George St. sits vacant.

York Traditions Bank's new location will be located on the first floor of 100 and 102 N. George St. The office is slated to open next spring. Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017. Jason Addy photo.

The downtown location, at the intersection of George and Philadelphia streets, will serve as a “hub” branch, said Michael Kochenour, York Traditions Bank founder and board chairman. 

Most businesses expand using the hub-and-spoke approach — building branch locations around a central headquarters — but York Traditions Bank is taking the opposite approach by putting a location in the heart of York City, having already opened locations all around it, Kochenour said.

“This is really putting our flagship in the ground,” Kochenour said. “We’re here to stay.”

Filling a 'void': York Traditions Bank has been a longstanding partner for many city businesses while sponsoring numerous events for the city over the last decade and a half, “but the lack of our brick-and-mortar presence downtown was a void,” Kochenour said. 

From the new location, the bank can continue to develop its strong relationships with women business owners, young professionals and nonprofit and arts organizations, Kochenour said. 

The new location will have more than 2,000 square feet of space and will need up to five new employees to fully staff, Draganosky said. A resident mortgage originator also will operate out of the office when it opens next year. 

York County Economic Alliance President and CEO Kevin Schreiber said talks between York City and York Traditions Bank about opening a downtown location started nearly a decade ago, when he was working in Mayor Kim Bracey’s administration.

Schreiber said the 10-year wait seems to have worked in everyone’s favor, with the bank able to secure the “most perfect” location in the city, creating the opportunity for synergy with Central Market, the Appell Center for the Performing Arts and numerous restaurants located within a few blocks.

Though Schreiber said the deal took longer than everyone involved hoped, he was delighted to welcome the community bank to downtown York City, and he reserved special praise for the bank’s leaders.

“In an era that has had unparalleled challenges for the banking industry, on a national and a community level, York Traditions Bank, you continue to eschew all of those challenges," he said. "You continue to chart your own destiny forward, and you continue to be that most important community bank and that vital link to our downtown and to our city.”