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Local Chaplain hosting Reboot class for vets

John A. Pavoncello
York Dispatch


After retiring from the U.S. Army Reserves, Col. Charles Yost, of Newberry Township, used his GI Bill benefits to earn his masters degree in counseling, with the intent of continuing to be involved with the military.

 A Chaplain with several deployments under his belt, Yost was on the lookout for something he could use to help fellow veterans.

He came across the program Reboot, which looks at the spiritual components of combat and moral injuries.

"It's a 12-week course as opposed to a support group or counseling," Yost said. "We are not in competition with those (groups), this is a complementary thing."

According to Yost, when discussing treatment for post traumatic stress disorder, professionals automatically go to the medical and psychological issues but often overlook the spiritual aspect.

"The spiritual component is very important," said Yost.

Charles Yost, Chaplain at VFW Post 537 in Goldsboro, will be part of a team hosting a REBOOT Combat Recovery course that starts August 31. The 12-week course will focus on the spiritual side of PTSD. John A. Pavoncello photo

The course will address various kinds of spiritual issues, including "What you've loved and lost; depression and suicide; our purpose — am I what I do, am I what other people think I am, or is there something else?" says Yost. "We are not going to try and fix the past as much as discover a future."

Reboot will held starting Aug. 31 at VFW Post 537 on Pines Road in Goldsboro. The course is free for veterans of any conflict and their spouse or partner.

"This is not a solitary thing, this is a community effort," Yost said. "If the spouse or partner comes, he or she has the opportunity to gain some insight."

Veterans interested in taking part in Reboot can contact Yost by email at: or by phone at 724-630-4956.