Crews bring down the former milk processing plant on Pensupreme Dairy property on West Hamilton Avenue in York City. Bill Kalina


The Pensupreme Dairy smokestack will soon be a thing of the past, with the iconic York City landmark set to come down in pieces over the next week. 

Demolition crews will begin taking down the smokestack Wednesday, Aug. 16, said Dennis Baughman, CEO of the York Academy Regional Charter School. 

The demolition is expected to take five days, he said, indicating that Wagman Inc. will not be bringing down the smokestack with a controlled explosion. 

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The demolition is not expected to close any roads over the course of the project, Baughman said.

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New high school: Crews tore down the dairy’s milk processing plant and a nearby karate studio on the south side of West Hamilton Avenue in July, making way for a new high school for the York Academy Regional Charter School.

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The new school will cover 65,000 square feet and allow the school to accommodate students from kindergarten through high school graduation by 2022.

York Academy officials plan to open the new school’s doors to eighth-grade students in time for the 2018-19 school year and expand the facility by one grade each year.

The school will feature five “academic houses” for the five grade levels and will include a makerspace, a gymnasium, a movie theater and art rooms, according to York Academy officials.

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