Problem with York County 911 paging system could last days

Staff report

York County 911 is reporting problems with the paging system it uses to contact fire and EMS responders.

In a message posted on its Twitter feed around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, July 30, the county said in a statement the issue is related to a “Coast Guard satellite that our GPS server relies upon to send pages to our Fire and EMS responders. At this time we have asked Fire and EMS responders to man their stations.”

Reached by phone Sunday afternoon, York County spokesman Mark Walters said the issue is ongoing and was caused by a firmware malfunction on communications equipment that has prevented the GPS signal from reaching a satellite.

Walters said York County 911 has reached out to the manufacturer of the communications system but added the company is unavailable on weekends.

He said expects the paging issue to last several days.

"We don't expect this fix happening until Tuesday," Walters said.

He added the dispatchers have been using radio and telephone calls to reach emergency responders while the issue is being corrected.

"It's a dated form of reaching (responders), but that's what we've been doing," Walters said.

The outage is widespread and is being experienced by other agencies in Pennsylvania and Maryland, according to Walters.